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unlimited theatre digital storytelling adventures

Unlimited Digital Storytelling Workshop 2: Exploration

The second part to the Unlimited Digital Storytelling adventure was a relaxed affair. Don’t let that fool you though, there was lots going on to explore the possibilities of bringing the world of theatre into a digital experience.

Kicking off the session in The Den, Jon Spooner shared a broad outline of the insight and influence workshop one had made to the playscript and important questions to digitally encapsulate The Noise. Analogue verses digital nicely summarised themes that had begun to emerge.

  • What does the audience want from the scriptwriting and digital application?
  • What is the purpose of accessing a playscript?
  • What makes performance an immersing experience?
  • Audience differences in using digital applications

More specific thoughts around the scriptwriting of The Noise followed, including how not to write a disappointing ending, and what had and hadn’t been enjoyable so far about the characters, narrative, and the awaiting mystery. With these points fuelling food for thought, us guinea pigs moved around the Yorkshire Playhouse rehearsal room which contained different interactive stations to gain further thoughts on digital application material.

The stations embodied the outcomes to workshop one which were:

  • Ambience: How can, for example, music, sound, and lighting, be translated into digital form?
  • Clarity: How would the layout of the text, and the scrolling mechanism on say an iPad, impact on the readability and retainability of the story?
  • Anticipation: How could an introduction to the story build excitement of taking part digitally?
  • Drama: How does the gravitas and pacing of digital controllability play its part in maintaining appropriate levels of drama in the story?

I’m sure the The Noise team will have been left with some stirring ideas to deliver a theatre mirror-image digital experience. The workshop had probed deeper into issues of usability, engagement, and digital language barriers – continuing discussions in the digital sector. We’ll have to wait for next time to find out the outcomes for theatre.

The inventive and rather quirky iPad pads provided a creative output space to brainstorm some of the points that had been gathered. Illustrations in black & white and colour showed-off the initial creative juices bubbling inside of those taking part, uniquely bringing together all the different elements brought to light so far. All’s well that ends well! Until next time…