nti Leeds

As the Communications & Web Master for third stream business, nti Leeds, Sally was responsible for leading digital innovation for nti training courses, events and the first regional coworking space. Here are just a few examples of the type of work undertaken:

Website content management & generation

Leading the direction of online content and marketing campaigns to be relevant to the sector.

Regularly attending industry-related creative & digital events, aligned the nti brand and website with the current and potential clientele needs.

Establishing a proofing process ensured all content was published to a consistently high-standard and used the brands tone-of-voice. This included articles for the latest news, scheduled features, and the events calendar using content management system, WordPress.

“Sally produced recommendations based on website analytics to adapt the online presence to meet and improve business revenue goal conversion.

“Google Analytics shows that Sally has made significant progress with search engine optimisation, and as a result traffic has increased significantly. The nti website news and events sections have received very positive feedback from visitors.”

Linda Broughton, Head of nti Leeds

Sector-leading partnerships to facilitate regional growth

Network, build, and establish relationships to create business opportunities.

Staying on-trend with the creative & digital sector through networking events, conferences, and reading relevant digital marketing subjects, created opportunities for cross-linking which benefited the nti brand and revenue.

An example of this would be pioneering the first regional gathering for Leeds’ creative & digital businesses to hear about revenue opportunities BBC Salford would generate. In turn, this added value to the nti brand as a leading creative & digital hub in the North of England.

Monthly e-newsletter distribution

Responsible for the distribution of the nti e-newsletter with the aim to increase customer engagement and website goal conversions.

Sally co-ordinated content generation and editing each month across departmental teams and external businesses, the call-to-actions, the HTML template using software management tool Adestra, and the client data sets.

Before send-out, Google Analytics campaign tracking was embedded within each url link to later evaluate its success before planning the next.

Using both qualitative and quantitative data to monitor and evaluate improved click-through rates, increased the frequency of website visitors, and increased training course enquiries as a result of call-to-action goals.