Meeting Steve Bell

Award-winning cartoonist and legend for depicting politicians in The Guardian, Steve Bell delved into some of his most known work for one of the few remaining ‘left-wing’ newspapers at Journalism Week 2014

Steve Bell is the name that comes to mind when I think of a newspaper illustration. Most famously known for his caricatures of John Major as a superhero wearing his Y-fronts on the outside of his clothes, Steve’s humorous storytelling came across as he talked us through the thoughts behind his political drawings and illustrative processes.

To see how Steve managed to illustrate a moment in history in such a tangible and understandable way, made some hard topics digestible. One mentioned was during the time Tony Blair agreed to go to war with George Bush into Afghanistan. With access to the photography wire at The Guardian, Steve told of some of the horrific images that weren’t being published and how he used them to illustrate what was really going on in the field.

It was obvious to see that Steve’s memorable work would be around for a long time to come. It was a real privilege to hear where some of his inspiration came from at pivotal political points in history and to get his honourable written signature too!