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Feature: What does creative look like?

Creative is a word used over and over again, normally to describe a new visual concept, but what does it really mean to be creative? History is a great place to start and with a love for words and typography, I’ll use written communication as an illustration.

Visual design is full of fresh thinking typography, both in the typeface design and its presentation. Before the emerging experimental styles in the 1960’s, Swiss typography was common use – grid structure, white space, and strong copywriting, like the advertising campaign for Beetle in the 1950’s.

VW Lemon Campaign VW Advertising Campaign - Think Small

During the 1960’s, a cultural revolution took place aided by breakthroughs in new printing technology. Just take a look at these psychedelia posters from San Fransisco by silk screen printing pioneer Wes Wilson – the likes of which had never been seen before. This was the starting point of type as the image.

Wes Wilson PosterWes Wilson Poster 2

So, what brought about a completely fresh style from one already brilliant? A growth in the technology from wooden and metal letterpresses to silk screen printing was one factor, but really, the root came from a few people with a desire to go beyond the set ways of thinking, developing new technology, opportunities, and expression that eventually led to radical creative visual communication.

The heart of being creative is exactly that – an outworking of a fresh perspective. The feature image by Reetsweet sums it up nicely, Stir In Lots Of Love.