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Meeting Steve Bell

Award-winning cartoonist and legend for depicting politicians in The Guardian, Steve Bell delved into some of his most known work for one of the few remaining ‘left-wing’ newspapers at Journalism Week 2014

Sowing A Quilt

The Patchwork Quilt

The timeless patchwork quilt is one of those crafts that, when complete, looks a lot simpler to do than it actually is! I’ve been looking into it’s history and the different design types to make one of my own.

Spring has sprung – Here Comes The Sun

The first day of spring – in more ways than one for me. Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles seems to be the best way of welcoming in the brand new season.

I Love Typography

I can’t recommend the I Love Typography blog enough. As a designer its so refreshing, so go and check it out! Founder John Boardley says it so well when he quotes:

I can’t explain it; I just like looking at type. I just get a total kick out of it. Other people look at bottles of wine or whatever, or, you know, girls’ bottoms. I just get kicks out of looking at type. It’s a little worrying, I must admit.

Erik Spiekermann

Analogue, The Hummingbird

Inspiration: Analogue style

Recently, I was wandering through Chapel Allerton in Leeds, and The Hummingbird – Kitchen & Bar brand caught my eye. Simple and elegant typography with detailed images immediately engaged me to step inside to see more.


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Previously the Regional Editor for Creative Boom, now part of The Guardian’s Culture Professionals Network,  I’ve had a glimpse of the exciting creative & digital work being produced everyday. At theramsden we would hate for it to go unnoticed, and although its early days, we already have lots of exciting plans for our own contribution that’s getting the word out…